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The Association is to be known as ‘Dudley & District  Ladies Crown Green Bowling Association’.


The objects of the Association are to promote, encourage, manage and regulate the game of Crown Green Bowls in its own administrative area.  All its competitions shall be for female participants only.


Any bona-fide Bowling Club within the administration area which is deemed by the Management Committee to be of club status shall be affiliated to the Association together with all its players.  Only affiliated clubs/players shall be allowed to compete in the Association competitions.


The Association’s business shall be transacted by a Management Committee consisting of:

  1) President

  2) Chairwoman

  3) Secretary

  4) Treasurer

  5) Competition Secretary

  6) Plus additional members to make a total of 10 in all.


Five members (inc. officers) of the Management Committee shall form a quorum.


The following sub-committees shall be formed if required, by and from the Management Committee:

  1) Finance

  2) County Selection

  3) Disciplinary

 The officers of the Association are automatically members of any Committee.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in October of each year when the Treasurer shall present to the meeting an audited financial statement for the preceding season.


The officers and auditors shall retire at the A.G.M. and if they have duly intimated their willingness to stand, they shall be eligible for re-election.


Any member club (or its proxy) failing to attend an  Annual General Meeting shall be fined the sum of £5.00.  Apologies will NOT be accepted.


Only one delegate from each affiliated club shall be eligible to vote.


Any proposals for alteration to Rules shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary NOT LATER THAN 31 August.  The Secretary will notify all clubs of such proposals not later than 14 days prior to the A.G.M.  Any such proposals, duly seconded, will be put to the A.G.M. and if carried by the majority of members voting, shall be adopted forthwith.


The Annual subscription for member teams shall be £15.00 and each player registered shall be required to pay a fee of 50p per player.  All subscription and registration fees to be paid by 20th March each year.


The Association will organise each year a Merit Competition, the winner of which will represent the Association in the ‘Champion of Champions’ competition at Blackpool in September.The fee for this competition to be decided by the Management Committee.


The Association will organise regional heats for any competition run by the British Ladies C.G.B.A., fees as directed by the B.L.C.G.B.A.


The Association will invite the team who wins the Dudley Ladies League Division 1 to enter the BCGLBA Club Championship event.  If they are unable to participate then the Dudley Ladies League Handicap Cup winners will be invited.  The team will pay an entry fee as determined by the BCGLBA


 Dress code for County matches will be:

 i)  Black tailored trousers/tailored knee length shorts/ knee length skirt or tailored cropped trousers.

 ii) Pink shirts, with sleeve and collar.

 iii) Black sweaters/cardigans (optional).

 All players and reserves to wear county colours, tops to have sleeves, from 1pm to conclusion of the match..


All games shall be governed by the British Crown Green Association Rules of Bowling.


Any matters arising for which no provision has been made in the foregoing Rules shall be brought before the Management Committee whose decision shall be final.

Revised October 2018